Fab Real Estate Blog: Top Seller Mistakes - Not Asking Questions

Top Seller Mistakes - Not Asking Questions

I've written about some key mistakes sellers can make when listing their home for sale, including overpricing your home, failing to keep the house clean and in top showing condition, failing to make necessary repairs, and having exclusions to the sale.

What sellers also need to remember when selling their home is that communication with your listing agent is essential!  Have a question?  Ask it.  Have a concern?  Address it.  Worried about something?  Discuss it.

Here is where asking questions is key:  when you are signing a contract - either the listing contract or a buyer's purchase offer for your home.  Don't sign that contract until you, as the seller, completely understand and are comfortable with the process, the terms, and the conditions of the contract.  Ask questions so that everything is clear.  You hired a real estate agent to represent your best interests, to market your home and to negotiate on your behalf.  But you are also hired that agent to answer all of your questions and to walk you through the home selling process step-by-step.

I always tell my clients, both buyers and sellers, not to worry about things - that's my job.  But, I try to reinforce that if they are worried, or confused, or stressed about an issue, to call me.  We'll talk it out.  I'll explain anything that is unclear, even if we've already discussed it before.  And, if it's midnight, and you can't sleep because of some nagging question - then power up your computer and send me an email.  You'll have a response first thing in the morning.  Or sooner if I still happen to be awake and working.

Remember, you as the seller have the right to ask questions.  As REALTORs, we sell real estate every day.  You most likely do not.  We're here to educate you while we market and sell your home. Use your agent as your resource to learn about the process.  It will lead to a much more enjoyable transaction for all involved.

Comment balloon 2 commentsDon Fabrizio-Garcia • January 07 2007 07:43PM


Fabulous post. The last NAR Internet Buyer report showed that of the 80% plus of people who start their search on the Internet, 70% of them choose the first Realtor they meet. The lack of question asking starts in the interview process.
Posted by Jeff Turner (RealSatisfied) about 12 years ago
Jeff - Good points.  If something is unclear, and the client doesn't ask questions - doesn't ask for clarification - then the relationship is being set up to fail.  And nobody wants that.  Open, two-way communication is key.
Posted by Don Fabrizio-Garcia, Owner/Broker/Trainer - Fab Real Estate (Fab Real Estate) about 12 years ago