Fab Real Estate Blog: January 2007

New Fairfield, CT Creates Emergency Notification System

New Fairfield, Connecticut, has created the Alert Now Emergency Notification Program, which will notify town residents of any emergency situations in the town.  Notifications will be made for:

  • Utility outages
  • Town evacuations
  • Chemical spills
  • Road closures
  • Public health emergencies
  • Shelter information
  • Any other town emergency

This program is similar to the school notification system already in place, which contacts households with schoolchildren of any important school news and information.

Enrollment in this new program is free and voluntary for all town residents, and all enrollment information will be kept confidential.  Notifications will be made via a recorded telephone message and/or an email.

Application forms to enroll for this service may be picked up at the New Fairfield Police Department, 302 Ball Pond Road, New Fairfield.  For additional information, call (203) 312-5719.

Comment balloon 0 commentsDon Fabrizio-Garcia • January 24 2007 05:23PM
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